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Health Technology Assessment

We are vastly experienced in HTA and all related activities. Over the past 15 years we have participated in approaching 100 HTAs of one sort or another. Our involvement ranges from hands-on technical input – such as developing submission content or economic models, to strategic advice throughout the process, helping clients to optimise their engagement throughout an assessment. Recognising the variable way in which HTA assignments evolve over time, we often work with clients as an extended part of their in-house team, enabling them to respond to challenges decisively along the way.

Case Study

Background: Our client had a new and highly innovative medical technology for use in the critical care setting. Following discussions with the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE), the technology had been scheduled for review within the Medical Technology Evaluation Programme (MTEP). The client had no experience of working with NICE and had requested a programme of support including delivery of an evidence submission for NICE.

Solution: Cogentia worked with the client to develop a work-plan for the NICE submission. This included a detailed set of plans around the submission itself as well as an analysis of key gaps in the evidence base that would require further attention. We produced a conceptual economic model with a suitable framework for NICE, designed and conducted a survey of NHS centres to collect real-world cost data, developed a cost-effectiveness model and drafted the submission document. Having filed the submission, Cogentia also took the lead in responding to clarification questions received back from NICE, developed a response for the client to the independent academic review of the submission and attended the NICE appraisal committee meeting to represent the client.

Outcome: Following the NICE submission and consultation on draft recommendations, positive recommendations were issued to the NHS recommending that the client’s technology should be adopted by the NHS

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“Cogentia has supported us for a good number of years now and we have always relied on their counsel and advice on a range of HTA issues critical to the business. They have always provided a great sounding board, providing crucial insights, workable and pragmatic solutions, and have also helped to implement these by working alongside us and through wider partnerships.”

– Senior Manager, Market Access, Celgene UK