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Market Access

In today’s healthcare environment, a comprehensive market access strategy is a prerequisite for successful product uptake and market penetration. There are numerous elements to such a strategy each with their own internal and external stakeholders. We support our clients across a range of activities to ensure their market access strategies are optimised including:

  • Early product value assessment
  • Value dossier development
  • Market Access environment assessment
  • Business case development
  • Budgetary analysis
  • Advance Product Notification

Case Study

Background: Cogentia was asked by a client operating outside the UK to support the development of a comprehensive market access strategy for the UK market. The client had a new medical technology, with a CE mark, that it hoped to launch onto the UK market within the next 12 months. A price had yet to be established but the client had already been in discussion with NICE about a potential review.

Solution: Cogentia agreed a wide-ranging programme of activities to ensure that the client’s technology was adopted by the NHS. These included pricing research, budgetary analyses, business case development, stakeholder mapping and engagement, economic modelling and HTA submission development.

Outcome: Having identified the optimal price point and having developed materials to support the technology including economic analyses and business case tools, the client’s technology was successfully launched in the UK with strong stakeholder endorsement including a positive NICE review.

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“Cogentia were able to grasp our innovation rapidly and put together a compelling and enlightening economic submission. This submission was pivotal in securing the publication of our NICE Guidance MTG14: 'Ambu aScope for use in Unexpected Difficult Airways'...I personally would recommend Cogentia to any company or individual wanting to develop convincing health-related economic documentation.”

– Sales & Clinical Director, Ambu UK