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Opportunity Assessment

The increasing importance of collaboration and business development deals (in and out-licensing) to achieve strategic goals mean that there is often a need for fast and insightful due diligence of a specific opportunity. The same applies to evaluation of early pipeline opportunities -assessing whether the costs and risks of development are sufficiently balanced against potential commercial returns. The clients can range from business development or market access teams, senior management (seeking to maximize future out-licensing value), to investors.

We support our clients in due diligence and opportunity assessment, addressing the key questions of asset value, risks, competitive landscape and growth drivers all within the tight timelines. The services offered comprise:

  • Forecasting
  • Disease and competitive landscaping
  • Rapid Secondary and PrimaryResearch to validate assessment
  • Decision analysis and support- Yes / No

Case Study

Background: Our client had a early stage development for an orphan disease that would be used in conjunction with a current product. There were 3 alternative product profiles (positioning within the pathway) that could be used, each requiring a different development route, each with different potential value and pricing benchmarks. Also which current product to combine with needed to be decided upon. The client needed to decide on which route, combination, and profile to develop. This would support the out-licensing at next value inflection point.

Solution: Cogentia mapped out the treatment pathway, and the various TPPs and developed the decision criteria with the client. A forecast model was built for USA and EU5 markets, utilising secondary and primary research. Markets were analysed for current standard of care, treatment and future changes, competitive landscape included. For each TPP the development route and promotional requirements were costed and combined with the forecast for each TPP an multi criteria valuation for each was derived.

Outcome: Each potential development route was evaluated under a range of scenarios (and sensitives), and in discussion with the client an optimised TPP was chosen and the valuation used to secure internal funding to progress.

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“Cogentia demonstrated a keen sense for the marketplace we are evaluating and provided insightful and actionable recommendations. Their assessment of the competitive landscape and commercial opportunity were spot on and the perspectives they gleaned from payers and providers will help us better plan our studies.”

– Chief Operating Officer, Global biopharmaceutical company