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Pricing & Reimbursement

We have a vast amount of experience, both in-house and through our network of associates, covering all forms of pricing research – qualitative and quantitative. Our pricing assignments span the product life-cycle from early stage assessment through to launch sequence assessment. Access to the right mix of stakeholder perspectives is key to developing an effective pricing strategy and we have a strong network of advisers that we are able to bring to bear on any pricing engagement.

Case Study

Background: Our client was in the process of developing a pricing strategy for a new contraceptive. The new treatment had particular advantages but was unlikely to achieve a premium price over its comparators in all European markets. The client wanted to understand the price it was likely to achieve in each European market against a range of assumptions and we were asked to produce a range of launch sequences taking into account potential price positions.

Solution: Cogentia compiled a review of each relevant launch market describing its current pricing policies and the expected approach to the client’s technology. This was supplemented by discussions with payers in key markets. Having identified likely price policy in each market, we developed launch sequence scenarios along with simple market forecasts in order to determine the optimal launch sequence taking into account reference pricing and the timing of pricing decisions in each market.

Outcome: A series of launch sequences were presented to the client and following our recommendations, the client was able to finalise their pricing policy for the new treatment including the target price and the sequence of launch markets.

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“Cogentia's insight and methodologies have been instrumental in shaping our overall value ensure broad access for appropriate patients beyond what others could deliver.”

– Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, ElectroCore LLC