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Real World Evidence

Real world evidence is an important driver of decision-making in healthcare and often bridges important gaps in the evidence base and complements evidence from conventional sources such as Randomised Controlled Trials. We work with clients to identify gaps in the evidence base supporting their products and explore opportunities to collect real world evidence to address these gaps. There are many varied types of engagement in this area – from the extraction of resource utilisation data from primary or secondary care records to the development of a survey tool to address a particular question with patients or clinicians. Regardless of the detail of the assignment we recognise that speed of delivery is often the main challenge facing our clients and we are able to deploy researchers extremely rapidly allowing us to deliver results quickly and to a high standard.

Case Study

Background: Our client was in the process of preparing for a health technology assessment in the UK for a new treatment in a rare condition. The client had identified that healthcare resource utilisation and costs associated with managing the condition at different stages of the disease were expected to be key areas of uncertainty in the forthcoming HTA. Literature searches revealed that no published data were available. Our client was therefore looking to explore all available options to gather the required evidence in a very short timescale.

Solution: Cogentia initially considered a number of different approaches to collecting resource use data – including accessing existing NHS datasets such as the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) and Hospital Episode Statistics (HES). However, given the rare nature of the condition and the need for very specific information on disease staging as well as healthcare costs, we decided that it would be necessary to work with a hospital centre to gather the relevant data. Working with the client we identified a suitable NHS centre, agreed the appropriate study design with local clinicians, confirmed relevant ethics and consent and extracted resource utilisation data as well as relevant demographic and disease-specific information.

Outcome: Healthcare resource data and costs for a large cohort of patients was collected and analyses to provide the client with detailed cost estimates suitable for their modelling and HTA requirements.

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“With a business-critical NICE submission to prepare for and less than a year to have everything ready, we asked Cogentia to help. Working collaboratively with a key clinical centre, the team designed and executed a real-world study in a very short time-frame, delivering genuinely game-changing data for us on time. ”

– Senior Health Outcomes Manager, Global pharmaceutical company