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Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis

Systematic reviews may be required to inform a publication, to satisfy a requirement from a health technology assessment authority or to support an evidence synthesis. In any case such reviews should be conducted to internationally recognised standards – using appropriate strategies to identify evidence and rigorous techniques to extract and summarise data. With our team of dedicated researchers and collaborative arrangement with Cambridge University, we are able to deliver state-of-the-art systematic reviews of a high quality in short time-frames.

Where appropriate it may be necessary to combine evidence – using a variety of evidence synthesis techniques. Our in-house researchers, working with academic experts, can deploy suitable methods whether in the form of indirect comparisons or mixed treatment comparisons, to provide clients with scientifically valid and reliable outputs.

Case Study

Background: Our client had developed a highly innovative therapy for a rare cancer. Marketing authorisation was already in place for multiple indications and a number of new therapies were entering the market. Decision-makers faced the challenge of interpreting the available evidence and defining the appropriate position of each treatment in the care pathway.

Solution: Cogentia conducted a systematic review of all the available evidence. Randomised controlled trials were identified and data on key clinical outcome measures was extracted. A mixed treatment comparison (MTC) was then undertaken to enable a robust assessment of the relative treatment effects for each available treatment option.

Outcome: A report of the MTC was compiled along with a manuscript for publication which was submitted to peer-reviewed journal.

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“The Cogentia team were a pleasure to work with. From the outset they showed a clear understanding of complex clinical issues and followed this up by delivered beyond our expectations with high quality outputs and an outstanding publication plan. I would strongly recommend this group to anyone looking to get the optimal outcome from their systematic review objectives. ”

– Senior Director, Health Outcomes, UK pharmaceutical company